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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My experiments this month...

Flowyns in Lent:
I pre-baked the crust a little longer than I should have and so that got a little too dark. I am glad I did though as I think it would have been a soggy mess otherwise. I also used a crust I like because it is very flaky but it's puffiness meant that it loses it shape when made as a shell or in shaped forms. I will go another direction next time I try this.

This recipe took some experimentation and I am not sure I achieved exactly what the recipe was aiming for. I continue to not like dates or figs very much but the almond paste and crust were lovely.
Fake Fish:
I really enjoyed this recipe. I don't have a mortar and pestle large enough so I had to be creative wish some of the tools in my kitchen. I also decided to use the ground nuts remaining from the strained almond milk so as not to be wasteful. About 10 minutes before this finished baking I brushed on an egg wash with crushed saffron to give it a nice golden color. I was going for a catfish shape for the fish as that is the heraldry of the local group.


ecb said...


So, you used a commercial crust?

What did you do to make your fish?

I was thinking of doing the second recipe today, but it's been kind of a crappy weekend, so I dunno if I have the energy left over for cooking!

relativelylucid said...

I used the "Pate Brisee" from the author of
which has flour, salt, butter, egg, and water. It is very buttery so it gets really puffy and flaky. That may not have been the best course.

For the fish, I used several different varieties of apples as I like a blend better than just one kind. I cut the pieces of the apple up rather small and used a meat tenderizer I don't actually use on meat to work as a mortar and pestle. I added the ground almonds from the strained almond milk as I didn't want to be wasteful. They added some additional liquid content which I think might have been helpful as well. I sprinkled with cinnamon and ginger (to my taste) and a little sugar (the almonds were already rather sweet).

For consistency, I used a paper template for the fish design and sort of played from there.

It was fun!

Liz said...

I do like the catfish. Very cute.

Gwyneth said...

Were the almonds from the almond milk still flavorful? I worry about that. I also love the catfish.

relativelylucid said...

That is an excellent point and not one I thought of. I think they turned out creamier than they would have been naturally which went well with the apples though they certainly are mild. I imagine the taste would be sharper had I used fresher almonds which might have balanced differently with the apples.