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Monday, February 11, 2008

In Space, No One Can Hear You Eat Pie.

My version of the flan.

Who's going to try the apple taco? :-)

(Helmet is Michael's, a reproduction of the Battlestar Gallactica helm ;-)


Liz said...

Sweet! How did it taste?

ecb said...

It was quite good, I'm very pleased with it. I did not waste my time with straining the almonds out of the almond milk; we like the almonds. It cooked up a lot like you would expect a pumpkin pie to cook. The most interesting thing about it was the fact that the pie was sort of two-toned; the layer that has the dates and figs in it is a sort of brownish color, and the lower layer, with just the almond custard, is white, so it's kind of interesting to look at as well as eat.

I've been holding out on describing my redactions because I would like to see what some other people do, but this was very tasty.