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Sunday, August 24, 2008

To coeke scallops in ye way of Le Menagier

Since returning from Pennsic, I've been running along with my hair on fire as a result of being st00pid busy. I did, however, get a chance to redact a recipe:

SCALLOPS. Note that scallops which are heaped up and hold together in a pile without scattering or leaving, and are red and of lively colour, are fresh: and those which do not hold together and are separate and of dull or dead colour, are from an old catch. Pick them out, then wash thoroughly in two or three good hot waters, and then do it again in cold water, then dry on a towel briefly at the fire, and fry in oil with cooked onions, and then sprinkle with spices and eat with almost clear leaves, wheat sprouts or sorrel sprouts or leaves of (all-heal?, sainfoin?) or (wild chicory?, barberry?)

The recipe is so simple that I'm going to leave it to any who read this to try their own proportions and procedure. I note, however, that using one of the typically-available packages of scallops produced an amount that was really only suitable for a side dish. Scallops, of course, are rich and mild and expensive in this day and age. Thus, they work well as a side dish, and this was served up as a complement to whole wheat pasta and vegetables that had been sauteed in olive oil. MMmmmMMMmmmmmm.


Eva Elisabeth said...

kind of spices did you use?

ecb said...

Garlic, pepper, ginger, based on the three specifically named spices in the only other 2 receipts that came up for scallops in the site search. One recipe said "pepper and ginger" and the other said "spice powder and a white garlic sauce."

It was very nice. :-)